Lavish Oil – Argan Oil Unique Blend

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Moroccan Argan Oil – Unique and Pure Oils Blend Created for facial skin, Suitable for your whole body! Lavish Oil by Berber’s Treat

100% Pure Oils Blend – Argan oil with Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Sesame oil, Aloé vera oil, Orange blossom essence and Vitamin E

  • Argan Oil with a unique 6 rich oil blend to nurture and heal your skin
  • Made in Morocco and never tested on animals
  • Use on skin or hair
  • Healing & Revitalising anti-oxidant skin protection
  • Balancing & Anti-inflammatory

Soothes even the most dry and flaky skin without clogging pores. Protects it from environmental toxins causing skins cells damage and premature aging. Helps to balance sebum production by preventing skin inflammation that causes spots and blemishes.

Lavish Oil is all about doing exactly what it says on the label. This is a product that has been developed to improve your skin in every possible way. A blend of special ingredients that all have unique properties, work together to create an oil that hydrates, nourishes and leaves skin glowing.

Lavish oil contains everything that your skin needs to look good and feel good. As part of a daily routine, it will leave your skin looking fresh, radiant and healthy and that is why it should form part of every routine.


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