Kessa Exfoliating Glove – Moroccan Body and Face Mitt

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The negative effects of NOT removing dead skin cells

Getting rid of dead skin cells is very important for the body as a whole. It allows the body to continue to absorb nutrients but it also makes the skin look radiant. If you do not exfoliate or cleanse your skin regularly to help remove these skin cells then it can lead to rapid visible ageing and a dull look to your skin as well as rough skin.

You skin will produce excess oil and this will lead to skin that has blemishes and spots. Removing dead skin cells through exfoliating or cleansing is crucial to the health of your skin and how it looks.

Usage Instructions:

Can be used daily. For facial and whole body use. Wet the glove and your skin with warm water then scrub skin in up and down motions. Use with any shower gel, or soap. Moisturise your skin after exfoliating.

Care Instructions:

Care for the glove by rinsing with water after use to wash away dead skin cells or other debris. Leave in dry place.

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