Face Brush with natural bamboo handle


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Facial Brush with a natural bamboo handle is a perfect addition to your accessories list. Best used for applying face masks such as our Rich Mineral Clay. Can be used with Rhassoul, Bentonite and other clay masks, also any DIY face masks.

This brush is an included products in our full Clay Mask Mixing Set.

Handle Size: 9.5cm length, 3.6cm height, 0.9cm depth.
Brush Size: 3cm length, 4cm width.
Total brush length is 12.5cm

Brush Bristles: Synthetic

Why have synthetic bristles?

There are many benefits to having a synthetic bristle brush. The main reason is that it is much more suitable for preparing and applying clay based masks. A natural brush would not be able to cope with the liquid and clay substance paste. Another reason for having a synthetic brush is that bacteria are less likely to form on them making it a perfect addition to your accessories list!

How to clean it?

You can use any soap but preferable it is natural and antibacterial. Also, always make sure it is dry before storing the brush away.

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