Negative Effects And How To Remove Dead Skin Cells

Dead skin cells

We all know how important our skin is, after all it is the body’s largest organ and that is exactly why we should look after it. It shows how healthy we are on the outside and it makes us feel good when it looks good but have you ever thought about your skin and how it works. Your skin is constantly evolving and regenerating and this means that your body has to lose skin cells in order to create more. How to remove dead skin cells

The process of losing dead skin cells is on-going and it happens every second of every day. Dead skin cells can make the skin look dull and as they build up on the skin they can prevent important nutrients from being absorbed as well as block sweat glands and this can lead to white heads, acne and black heads.

How many dead skin cells do we have?

According to research, we have 10 trillion cells in our bodies and as the skin makes up 16% of our body weight, that equates to around 1.6 trillion skin cells which is an incredible amount. This figure can change depending on individual but it is a good figure to work with. All of these skin cells have to die and re-grow at some point and this means that we lose a lot of dead skin cells during the day.

We lose around 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells per hour which means that you lose around 1 million per day. This shedding of skin is constantly happening and you leave dead skin cells where every you go. These skin cells essentially become the dust that you find in your homes for example on your pillow , clothes  or around the office which makes the whole idea of dead skin cells seem even more disgusting than they already are.

The negative effects of NOT removing dead skin cells

Getting rid of skin cells is very important for the body as a whole. As mentioned, it allows the body to continue to absorb nutrients but it also makes the skin look radiant. If you do not exfoliate or cleanse your skin regularly to help remove these skin cells then it can lead to rapid visible aging and a dull look to your skin as well as rough skin.

You skin will produce excess oil and this will lead to skin that has blemishes and spots. You can still treat this with Rhassoul Clay but it is best to prevent it before this happens. Removing dead skin cells through exfoliating or cleansing is crucial to the health of your skin and how it looks.

Why you should remove dead skin cells

Exfoliating your skin will mean that you remove any old, flaky skin cells that are sitting on the surface of the skin. This will leave your skin looking fresh and supple and it makes your appearance look brighter and glowing. Therefore, using an exfoliating method and the right products to suit your skin type will make a huge difference to how you look. When skin cells become tired and dead, exfoliating simply helps to speed up the process of skin renewal and this gives you new, healthy cells. Your complexion will instantly change and that will not only improve your appearance but it will also make you feel good about yourself.

How to get rid of dead skin cells 

How to get rid of dead skin cellsA method used in Turkish and Moroccan Hammam spas will clean and exfoliate your skin by removing toxins and dead skin cells. Don’t worry, there is no need to book a spa, you can do this at the comfort of your home! The method involves using a Kessa Scrubbing Glove along with Eucalyptus Gel Beldi Soap (Available on Amazon). Here is how you can treat your skin: 


  • The Eucalyptus Gel is used the same way as a regular soap but produces very little foam.
  • That is why it is best to apply the gel by massaging moist skin during a hot bath or shower.
  • Leave the gel on your skin for about 5 minutes, then scrub the skin vigorously with the Kessa glove.


It may not be very convenient and can get cold to stand in the shower covered with the Eucalyptus Gel for 5 minutes, also the gel may be difficult to apply on your skin. As an alternative you may “scoop” some gel while wearing a Kessa glove and scrub the skin vigorously. 

How to remove dead skin cellsThen try to leave the gel on your skin for a minute or two. This is less effective than method 1, but works nevertheless.

You may also add some gel inside the Kessa glove and scrub your skin, this way no gel will fall! However it may be less effective but is definitely more convenient.

Continue the treatment by applying a Rhassoul mask on face or even whole body if possible for a complete exfoliation and skin healing process.