How to use & uses Black Eucalyptus Soap

How to use?

Black Eucalyptus Soap has many uses but to get started you must understand how it should be used. This will allow you to recognize exactly what is required in order to get the most from the soap. It is extremely easy to use and once you begin using it you will instantly feel and notice the difference. To begin with, you will need to wash the whole body using warm water. A hot, steamy shower or bath will allow your pores to open up which maximises the way in which the soap works.

Natural Skin Exfoliation

The moisture will enable the Black Eucalyptus Soap to get to work in the right way by unclogging your pores and drawing out toxins. You have the option of applying this to your face, the whole body or your hair.

Using the soap, which has a butter-like texture, paste it onto your body using your hands if you plan to use it as a body wash. Using it in this way will enable your whole body to benefit from the deep-cleansing, de-toxifying and feel-good properties of the soap.

It can be tricky! So you may want to use a Kessa or a sponge to apply the gel on to your body.

If you feel that it would work better for you as an exfoliant then using an exfoliating mitt or a Moroccan exfoliating glove known as a “Kessa” will ensure that it works extremely well. The soap has amazing exfoliant properties due to the ingredients but it will make a noticeable difference to wrinkles, spots and other skin issues.

If you do choose to apply this to your face then you should take care not to get the product into your eyes. The Black Eucalyptus Soap makes an excellent replacement for your regular soap.

If it is used regularly twice a day as part of a daily routine you will quickly notice the benefits. If you use the soap in the shower you may find it easier to apply. Standing up will allow you to work the soap all over your body vigorously. You can then wash it off with cool water which will help to close the pores once they have been cleaned of any dirt and oil.

The uses for Black Eucalyptus Soap

Face pack

If you suffer with clogged pores, dry skin, oily skin, eczema or psoriasis then using the soap as a face pack will make a huge difference to your appearance. Apply to the troublesome areas or the whole face for five to ten minutes until it is dry. The soap will help to remove excess oil and give your skin a deep clean. Washing the soap off with cool water will enable the pores to close helping to reduce the risk of spots and blackheads.

Body Wash

The Black Eucalyptus Soap makes a superb alternative to regular shower gel and soap. Using a sponge or damp cloth, the soap can be worked into a lather and then massaged over the body. It will help to tighten skin, invigorate and the eucalyptus scent will help to clear the mind. It is also possible to add other essential oils to the soap to give it added benefits.


If the soap is used as it is then it works brilliantly as an exfoliant. The soap has the ideal properties that makes it perfect for using as an exfoliator. It works by removing dead skin cells, increasing blood flow and helping to give skin a new lease of life. It will also help to moisturise the skin and remove excess oils. The benefits of using it as an exfoliator can be enhanced by using an exfoliating mitt or you could add oats to the soap to give it a more grainy texture which will aid dead skin cell removal.

Hair Care

If you suffer with tired looking hair that lacks moisture and sheen then using the soap as a shampoo will make a difference. The soap can be worked into the hair and scalp for several minutes. While the soap will moisturise the hair it will also soften the scalp and help reduce symptoms of irritation or inflammation. It works as a shampoo and a conditioner in one making it the perfect alternative to shampoo’s that contain hundreds of chemicals.

Moroccan Beldi Soap

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