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Available on Amazon: Order Now Black Eucalyptus Cleansing Gel - Natural & Refreshing Washes Impurities and Removes Dead Skin Natural Moroccan Beldi Soap with Eucalyptus. Made from 100% Natural ingredients and suitable for all skin types. Contains antimicrobial bacteria fighting agent rich in Vitamin E. Can be used any time. Remove excess oil and give your skin a deep clean....

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Try before you buy with FREE Shipping! Sample Sachets In this pack included are: x1 Black Eucalyptus Gel 25gView full size product x1 Rich Mineral Clay Powder 35g (2 uses)View full size product INSTRUCTIONSBlack Eucalyptus SoapFor best results apply gel on warm wet body with a Kessa scrubbing glove or sponge. Let the healing properties soak into your skin for a couple...

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Clay Mask Mixing Set - Professional at Home (DIY) Healing Mineral Clay Preparation Kit Made from 100% Natural Bamboo! This set contains: - 1x Mixing Bowl- 1x Tea Spoon (5ml)- 1x Face Brush- 1x Face ClothUse 3-4 spoons for a face mask (15-20ml)Does not contain metal parts! Mineral clays have an electrical charge which is used to attract the toxins...

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White Kessa scrubbing glove as used in Hammam spa rituals for exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. An essential for the at home spa experience when using Moroccan Beldi soap. Try our Berber's Treat Black Eucalyptus Soap. Scrub Dead Skin Cells Away Exfoliating Scrubbing Glove (White Kessa) An essential for the at home spa experience when using Moroccan Beldi soap Try...

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Berber's Treat Lavish Oil - Pure Oils Blend Created for facial skin, Suitable for your whole body! 100% Pure Oils Blend - Argan oil, Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Sesame oil, Aloé vera oil, Orange blossom essence and Vitamin E 6 Rich Oils Blend Anti-oxidant skin protection Healing & Revitalising Soothing & Deep Moisturising Balancing & Anti-inflammation...

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Natural Rose Water - Uplifting and Divine Scent will Refresh, Soothe and Calm Your Skin - Heat Rash Treatment - 100ml Spray Bottle Organic Moroccan Rose Water Fresh and divine rose scent will calm and soothe your skin Great for removing make up, refreshing during a busy day or healing of spots and oily skin Helps treat spots, zits, heat rashes,...

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Rhassoul Rich Mineral Clay Mask - Deep Pore Cleansing Spa Treatment For Flaky and Dry Skin - Natural Face Mask Removes Blackheads and Blemishes - Treatment for Clogged Pores - 250ml Powder DEEP PORE CLEANSING - Remove dead skin cells and deep cleanse your pores. It leaves the skin firm and buttery soft by rebuilding texture, elasticity and moisturising your...