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The Kessa scrubbing glove has been used in Hammam spa rituals for exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. An essential for the at home spa experience. The negative effects of NOT removing dead skin cells Getting rid of dead skin cells is very important for the body as a whole. It allows the body to continue to absorb nutrients but...

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Clay Mask Mixing Set - Professional at Home (DIY) Healing Mineral Clay Preparation Kit Made from 100% Natural Bamboo! This set contains: - 1x Mixing Bowl- 1x Tea Spoon (5ml)- 1x Face Brush- 1x Face Cloth- 1x Hair BandUse 3-4 spoons for a face mask (15-20ml)Does not contain metal parts! Mineral clays have an electrical charge which is used to...

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Small facial towel which is perfect when preparing a facial mud masks.   Size: 30cm x 30cmColour: OrangeTexture: 100% Cotton

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Facial Brush with a natural bamboo handle is a perfect addition to your accessories list. Best used for applying face masks such as our Rich Mineral Clay. Can be used with Rhassoul, Bentonite and other clay masks, also any DIY face masks. This brush is an included products in our full Clay Mask Mixing Set. Handle Size: 9.5cm length, 3.6cm height, 0.9cm...

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Natural car scent with essential oil that will help boost your mood and a beautiful accessory to decorate your car! The common car fragrances and scents usually contain toxic ingredients that can have a wide range of adverse effects. We use real essential oils from Morocco that will not only provide a real scent but will also have its therapeutic...