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Natural Exfoliating Soap Removes Dead Skin Cells and Impurities!

Black Eucalyptus Soap originates from Morocco and was used by women to keep them looking healthy and clean. They created this soap in their homes and it was made from pure natural ingredients.

Moroccan Black SoapDespite time moving on and many other chemically enhanced products becoming available, the true nature of this soap has remained true as the same soap is still available.

The ingredients are still completely natural and now many people are using Black Eucalyptus soap as part of their everyday routines.

The soap has a butter-like texture which makes it different to regular soap. However, the natural ingredients mean that it is ideal for all skin types. Unlike other soaps which have added chemicals, Black Eucalyptus Soap is 100% organic and this means that it is gentle on the skin making it ideal for everyone. 

Why is the soap used?

Our skin can be extremely sensitive as it is exposed to many chemicals on a daily basis. Therefore, skin can become tired looking, aged and outbreaks of spots and blackheads are frequent. Many cosmetic products promise to remove excess oil, draw out blackheads, ease eczema and psoriasis but often they fail. Black Eucalyptus Soap can help deal with all of these problems effectively.

The Ingredients

As you are aware, the ingredients of Black Eucalyptus Soap are all natural. The important ingredients are Pure Olive Oil, Potash and Eucalyptus Essential Oil. All of these ingredients work together to create a product that has herbal healing properties.


Black Eucalyptus Soap nourishes the skin extremely well. It has a soft texture and the ingredients have a therapeutic effect. It is full of vitamin E which helps to purify the skin, preparing it for exfoliation. This helps to remove dirt, dead skin and grease. The addition of Eucalyptus oil helps to give the skin a radiant glow leading to a more youthful appearance. After using Black Eucalyptus Soap, your skin will feel softer and smoother. One of the most important benefits of this soap is that it is ideal for all skin types.

It is commonly found in spas and it is used as a cleanser that works by drawing out toxins from the body as well as impurities. It removes dead skin cells without causing irritation and it has bacteria fighting properties.

Skin Care

Natural Skin careThe use of Black Eucalyptus Soap as part of a daily routine will help to eliminate rough and dry skin. The skin is deep cleansed and toxins are removed giving your skin a beautiful soft feeling. Blood circulation is improved along with lymph circulation and the anti-microbial properties help to stop the growth of bacteria reducing the risk of infection.

Clogged pores are cleaned and in-growing hairs are removed or prevented. This treatment prepares your skin for any additional treatments you wish to use such as face masks, moisturiser or tanning. It is best to use the soap following a steamy shower or bath. The soap can then be left on for 10-15 minutes so that it can moisturise the skin deeply. This can be followed with a deep exfoliation. This leads to soft skin that also benefits from protection against the drying effects of the sunshine.

Hair Care

The soap is perfect for use as part of a hair care regime. The moisturising and cleansing effects of the soap can help to create the ideal hair mask. Its ability to remove grease and natural oils it helps to soften hair and scalp. It helps to re-balance the production of sebum.

Cold Symptoms

As part of its spa-like treatments, the use of Black Eucalyptus Soap can also help to relive cold symptoms. The Eucalyptus can help to clear nasal passage and sinuses helping you to breathe easier. Not only will you have beautifully smooth skin and glossy hair but your will also feel normal once again!

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